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Well done to all the pupils who have been awarded a certificate this week. You will receive your award in Friday’s assembly:
Adam Tune, Ariya Lomax, Freya Richards, Bianca Fuchs, Logan Kelly, James Lyon, Isaac Murphy, Ethan Coelho, Dior Thornton, Joe Garvey, Nicola Grygiel, Mia Collins, Sophia May Price, Lexi Grayson, Jess Goldbald, Bryce Kermode, Amelia Witter, Lilly Orchard, Liam Bennison, Olivia Jones, Finley Carruthers, Rebecca Hill, Reece Heston-Roberts, Lewis Donaghue, Leah Smith, Hannah Robinson, Jessica Holmes, Alanah Parr, Tyler Preston, Liam Millea, Grace Bradshaw, Izabelle Birch, Lille McMahon, Thomas Roylance, Olivia King.

Well done to all the pupils who have been awarded a reading certificate. Enjoy your visit to the reading den!
Nate Alderman, Poppy Eccles, Grace Karunaratne Diver, Demi-Leigh Pickering, Bella Chang, Ronnie Mills, Annabel Bloor, Bryce Kermode, Millie Hunt, Cody Whittaker, Emma Riley, Mia Collins, Logan Kelly, Billy Lane, Olivia Wright, Alisha Smith, Christopher Ivanov, Tommy Mawdsley, Lilly-Mae Orchard, Jess Brownbill, Liam Bennison, Bethany
Jones, Isabella Roscoe, Jasmin Wilson, Olive Gore, Reece Porter, Matthew Ryan, Matilda Doyle, Aaliyah Parr, Lexi Grayson, Lucas Bradbury, Mia Hurst, Jasmine Roscoe, James Butler, Hannah Robinson, Isabelle Geraghty, Olivia Hughes, Eve Gannon, Lucas Unsworth, Olivia King, Southern Burrows, Ionela Turcan, Thomas Roylance, Niamh Whitfield,