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Our Ethos

From the moment you step inside Thatto Heath Community Primary School, the positive, supportive ethos of the school is evident.

This ethos is built upon the continuing dedication of all our staff, a dedicated team who know children only have one chance at primary education. Every staff member works tirelessly to go ‘over and above’ to give our children the very best. As a result, our children also strive to go ‘over and above’ to achieve their very best within the nurturing, supportive environment which permeates every corner of school life. We are an inclusive school, every child is supported in reaching their full potential through a broad curriculum and a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs.

The foundation of Thatto Heath Community Primary School’s successful ethos is built upon our three simple rules – to be ready, respectful and safe.

Children are ready and eager to learn throughout the busy school day –  interesting, well-paced lessons challenge and inspire learners and maximise the full learning potential of each child. We believe better never stops and we strive to better ourselves each day.

Everyone has a role to play in making our school a success and this is evident in the respectful manner children and adults display towards each other. Praise and positive reinforcement, a smile and kind word create a supportive, happy place to learn and enjoy the school day. Children have an active voice within the school through our school council and pupil questionnaire. We actively promote the five British core values in our day to day school lives as well as through our curriculum.

Our children feel safe and secure in school. They know that adults will listen to them and that each child is valued. Children are actively encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and make the right choice. The consistent and fair approach to behaviour within the school means children have a clear sense of right and wrong.

Our Mission Statement

It is our aim to ensure that all of our children will leave Thatto Heath Community Primary School as highly literate, numerate, socially capable and digitally literate young people. As children progress through the school, as well as academic fulfilment, their resilience and self-esteem is encouraged through the increasing responsibilities in school life – including Pupil Governors, Buddy Readers, Peer Listeners, School Council membership, Activity Leaders, Power Rangers, Subject Ambassadors, and Mini Police Officers. These, and the many other personal challenges will also prepare them to step forward with greater self-reliance into the ever changing, uncertain world we live in, to demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to contribute positively to the demands of life in modern Britain and fulfil their true potential.

We want every child in our school community to thrive. This is achieved by our specialist nurture provision and individualised learning programmes to support learning. Work in class is appropriately differentiated and children’s progress carefully and regularly assessed.

Expectations are high in all areas. Children take pride in all aspects of their work. Computer Science is a real strength of our school and we want all of our pupils to be inspired as to how to use cutting edge technology safely and imaginatively.

Children  take pride in their appearance and in being members of the Thatto Heath School community. The school prides itself on continually developing and building upon community cohesion. There is a positive relationship between parents and teachers and the school has forged links with the wider community, particularly local charities such as Willowbrook Hospice.

We believe learning is a lifelong journey and give all our pupils the best possible opportunity to embark on that journey. In the words of our motto. ‘An amazing journey starts here.’

Our Core Values














The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths

Our School Rules

Thatto Heath Community Primary School

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Thatto Heath
St. Helens
Headteacher: Mrs. Catherine Ireland
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SENDCO: Mrs. Louise McCallion
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