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Welcome to the Science Ambassadors section of the website. We have selected a representative from each of our Key Stage 2 classes to become part of the team. Science Ambassadors will play an important role in the promotion and development of Science across our school as we work towards the Primary Science Quality Mark.

Their responsibilities will include:

  • keeping a journal to record the Science activities they have completed in and out of school
  • selecting fun activities for homework projects
  • attending meetings to discuss ways we can improve Science
  • visiting other primary schools to take part in investigations
  • planning ‘Mad Science Day’ in the Spring term


Science Ambassadors Blog

British Science Week 2018

Next week is British Science Week 2018! The theme for this year’s  is “exploration and discovery.” 2018 is The Year of Engineering. This is a chance to celebrate the UK’s engineering heritage, invest in skills and inspire young people to consider a career in engineering. Throughout the week, we will be encouraging young people to think about everyday discoveries and how they affect their lives by exploring science in the world all around us. Check out the website and maybe you could carry out some of your own activities at home. Remember to share any photographs of the activities you complete with your child using our school app (the password is experiment) and we can add them to our ‘Science showcase’ on the school website.

Science workshops

Year 3 Ambassadors looked at the names of the bones in our body and learned all about the function of our skeleton.

Year 4 Ambassadors learned all about sound and carried out an investigation into finding out what happens to the level of sound when the distance is changed.

Year 5 Ambassadors focused on finding out if the surface affected the distance a car travelled. They made predictions and explained their thoughts and ideas well.

Year 6 Ambassadors investigated what happens to our pulse rate when we complete different types of physical activity. They enjoyed using our virtual tee to learn more about the position and function of our heart.



Science Ambassador Visit

Our Year 3 and 4 Science Ambassadors were very lucky to be able to visit another primary school this afternoon to complete their own investigations. Children were given a range of equipment and they had to come up with their own investigation ideas and select the necessary equipment. We really enjoyed working with children from a different school and sharing our ideas. It was interesting to find out other ways of doing things.



Bouncing Egg Homework Investigation

Well done to the children who have already completed the homework investigation! It really does work! If you haven't managed to carry it out yet, don't worry – there's still time! Remember to send your photographs to Miss Powell by uploading them through the school app (see previous blog post).




An interview with a GP

Our Science Ambassadors were lucky enough to be able to interview a special visitor into our school – a GP. Saba brought in her doctor's kit and we were able to look at all the equipment she uses and found out how it works. We found out how Science links to her job and different ways she helps people.



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