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I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported us yesterday in evacuating the school so quickly and safely.  Within 10 minutes of being told we had to evacuate the school, all visitors, sports coaches, college students, parent helpers and members of school staff had vacated the building and where escorting our 700 children along Elephant Lane to St Austin’s Primary School.  Within half an hour all of the children were safe inside St Austin’s. A huge thank you goes to all the staff of St Austin’s Primary School, who welcomed us and made space and facilities available to all our children.  We could not have done it without them.

There were a number of people behind the scenes yesterday, that went above and beyond to help and support the children. Part-time members of staff, parent helpers and college students stayed after their normal working hours, to support the children who remained with us.  Mid-day supervisors and the kitchen staff helped large numbers of children from the dinner hall straight to St Austin’s. Staff who had managed to grab their belongings, used their personal phones and data to contact services and to put information out on social media, in the hope of reaching as many parents as possible to avoid any rumours or panic

I would also like to thank Kim Waring at Hardshaw Brooke and the kitchen staff at De la Salle for preparing and sending over sausage rolls and drinks for the children, who were still waiting to be collected during the afternoon.  The children although very hungry, were very patient while we checked their medical and dietary needs.

I know my staff would really like to thank the parents for their support and kind words and messages they have received today, it was greatly appreciated.  I have received personal messages via EDULINK and I know many of you have spoken directly to members of staff at the doors this morning.  Thank you!

To reassure everyone, the gas board arrived quickly yesterday and sorted the leak, everything has been  tested and is all now in  good working  order.