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Reading for Pleasure

Why is reading for pleasure important?


There is strong evidence that suggests reading for pleasure can result in increased empathy, improved relationships with others, reductions in the symptoms of depression and improved well-being and better educational outcomes.  That’s why at Thatto Heath Primary we are trying to help our children to develop a love of reading for pleasure.


How can parents encourage reading for pleasure?


Being a reading role model for your child will help your child understand that reading can be a fun and pleasurable thing to do.  Read with your child all the way through school and enjoy discussing the stories with them.

Thatto Heath Library has very knowledgeable librarians that can help you and your child find books that will match your child’s interests.  Your child could bring their favourite book into school to share with the rest of their class and even write a book review to go on our website to encourage other children to read it.


Ten top tips for sharing picture books


  1. Choose a picture book that you like
  2. Read it aloud to yourself at least once.
  3. Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit and make sure you and your audience can see the book clearly – words and pictures.
  4. Take time to explore the cover, the endpapers, the blurb etc., before the story begins.
  5. Don’t be shy. Use lots of expression!
  6. Encourage your audience to join in with repeated phrases, rhymes, etc.
  7. Slow down!
  8. Don’t keep interrupting yourself, but leave space for your audience to make comments and ask questions.
  9. Allow plenty of time to explore the illustrations.
  10. Enjoy yourself!

Promoting reading for pleasure at Thatto Heath Community Primary


  • In school we are encouraging the children to read a wider range of texts for pleasure. These may include magazines, newspapers, recipe books, instructions, non-fiction and fiction.  Our class texts have been chosen carefully with all children in mind and cover a wide range of genres.  Class book areas include a wide variety of books.


  • From Year 2 children also participate in whole class reading sessions. During these lessons the children all read the same text and are given the chance to discuss the text and characters in detail, answering comprehension questions.


  • Every class has a reading for pleasure chart that the children can move up every time they read 10 books for pleasure. They will also receive a certificate in assembly to recognise their achievement.
  • Mr O’Brien runs a boys’ book club for KS1 and KS2 children. They enjoy a range of texts, completing fun activities and discussions about the texts they have read.  The children are also encouraged to bring in their favourite books from home to share with each other.


  • In our breakfast club every Wednesday the children can participate in ‘Wordy Wednesday’. This is an opportunity for children to read books, borrow books and discuss the books with friends and staff.
  • Children from year 2 – year 6 are given the opportunity to be involved with Buddy Reading. This allows a younger child to be ‘buddied’ up with an older children and for them to read together during lunchtime.
  • Our school library is open during dinner times to allow the children to borrow books.  We have junior librarians who offer support if needed to the children who visit
  • Staff from the local library in Thatto Heath come into school to share stories, encourage the children to visit them and give information about the summer reading scheme.

What's on at your local library

  • The children enjoyed taking part in Reading Bingo summer holiday homework and emailed photographs of themselves reading in lots of different places.

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