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What is the Prevent Strategy?


The Prevent Strategy is a government strategy designed to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. It responds to the ideological challenge we face from terrorism and aspects of extremism, and the threat we face from those who promote these views.


How does the Prevent Strategy apply to schools?


Schools have a duty to safeguard children from radicalisation and extremism. We have a responsibility to protect children from extremist and violent views. Extremism can take many forms, including political, religious and misogynistic extremism.

From 1 July 2015 all schools have a duty, under section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, to have `due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism`. This duty is known as the Prevent Duty for Schools.

The Prevent duty applies to all schools, whether state-funded or independent, as well as early years providers and children’s homes.
We will ensure any discussions are suitable for the age and maturity of the children involved.


The four key duties for schools are:


• To identify local risks
• To identify pupils at risk
• To work in partnership with other agencies, families and communities, to help support pupils who may be vulnerable, as part of their safeguarding responsibilities
• To keep children safe online, where much of the radicalisation takes place.

Education is a powerful tool, equipping young people with the knowledge, skills and reflex to think for themselves as well as to challenge and debate. It gives young people the opportunity to learn about different cultures and faiths and gain an understanding of the values we share. Exploring ideas, developing a sense of identity and forming views are a normal part of growing up.

Schools can provide a safe place for children to understand how to protect themselves, express their views but also to appreciate the impact their views can have on others.

We can support children to take responsibility for their actions and to understand that the use of violence to further any cause is criminal.

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