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History Week

A History of St. Helens

Children in KS1 have compared life in the 1950’s to today, they have looked at old photographs of St. Helens to see how the town has changed over the years.  They have taken part in lots of activities and investigated artefacts from the past.

Children in KS2 have studied St. Helens: history of Pilkingtons, Beechams, Rugby League, mining and glass works.  They have looked at newspaper reports on the Rocket winning the Rainhill trials.

Some children have researched the history of St. Helens at home and produced some fantastic work.

History Week Project Work Gallery

School Photographs from the Past

Items provided by Mr Tucker (Chair of Governors)

Video showing a working replica of Stephenson’s Rocket.

Photographs with information

Arthur Duncan Leopold Jones (my great-grandfather) lived on Elephant Lane after moving here from Cumberland.  He also had the shop (pawn shop and cobblers) at 39 Elephant Lane under the name of his wife Susannah (Susan).

There’s lots of social history in the shop photo. He sent his daughter Ella and her sister to ‘Council School’ when it opened in 1907 but both girls moved to St Austin’s the following Spring. Ella was my Grandmother and her records are still in the School logbook.

Staff at Thatto Heath station, thought to be about 1943. The older man on the left is my Dad’s Uncle and the middle back is his son (Dad’s cousin). One of them (probably Uncle?) was the signalman at the station and he would often go to the Springfield pub after his shift. The man sitting is the station master, we think.

Picture of me about the time I started working at Thatto Heath Community Primary School (about 1971).

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