Governors Information and Duties

Instrument of Governance


  1. The name of the school is Thatto Heath Community Primary School
  2. The school is a Local Authority school.
  3. The name of the governing body is “The Governing Body of Thatto Heath Primary School”
  4. The governing body shall consist of:
    • Three Parent Governors
    • One  LA Governor
    • One  Staff Governors
    • One  Headteacher Governor.
    • Six  Co-opted Governors
    • One  Associate Members

    Total number of Governors 13

  5. The Term of Office for all Governors is Four Years
  6. The Instrument of Governors comes into effect on 1st September 2019
  7. This Instrument was made by order of St. Helens Local Authority on 1st September 2019
  8. A copy of this Instrument to be supplied to every member of the Governing Body

List of Governors

Thatto Heath Governing Body from September 2019

Headteacher GovernorMrs. Catherine Ireland
LEA GovernorPat Ireland
Staff GovernorMrs. Jackie Anders
 Parent GovernorsMrs. Joanne Murphy
Co-opted GovernorsMr. Martin Cox
Miss. Julia Hamlin
Mr. Anthony Tucker
Mr. Michael Denning
Mrs. Karen Hamilton
Associate GovernorMrs. Louise McCallion

Governing Body Structure, Remit and Information

What do Governor's Do?
Governors oversee the development of the school but don’t manage it day-to-day. Governors are responsible for providing strategic management, being a ‘critical friend’ and making executive decisions. The governing body makes sure the school provides a good quality education, and sets the school aims and policies together with the Head teacher. There are different categories of governor on a governing body, some elected and some appointed. This mix ensures a diversity of views and experience, but doesn’t mean that governors of a particular category “represent” that group. For example, parent governors don’t act as representatives of the parents of the school and don’t report back to them – rather, they bring a broad parental perspective to discussion and debate. Governors are responsible for promoting high standards of educational achievement and enabling the head teacher and the staff to deliver these, as well as planning the school’s long-term future, overseeing its aims, values and ethos, and monitoring its performance.  This involves:

  • setting the school’s vision and aims
  • establishing & maintaining the school’s ethos
  • setting the school’s plans and policies
  • monitoring and evaluating school performance
  • agreeing budgets, policies and objectives and making sure these are met

Meetings of the full governing body are held at least once a term, normally in an evening, with governors normally giving up around 6-8 hours per month. Governors can also sit on some of the committees that look at things like finance, curriculum, staffing and premises. Occasionally, being a governor can be hard work. There may sometimes be a lot of papers to read, meetings to attend and, sometimes, difficult decisions to be made.

Governor Impact Statement 2016-2017
Governing Body 2019-2020

Associate Governors are not counted as Governors for Quorum or Voting at Full Governor Body Meetings but may vote at Committee Meetings.


Governor Attendance 2020-2021
Committee A - Members, Remit and Meeting Attendance 2019-2020

Committee A Remit: 

Quorum: 3 Governors – Chair is elected annually at first committee meeting

  • Finance
  • Salaries and Conditions
  • Budgeting Implications
  • Premises
  • Personnel
  • Health & Safety


  • Mrs. Catherine Ireland
  • Mr. Anthony Tucker
  • Pat Ireland
  • Mrs. Jackie Anders
  • Mr. Phillip Ingham – Chair of Committee A
  • Mrs. Louise McCallion (Deputy Headteacher / Associate Governor)
  • Mr. Michael Denning

Committee A Meeting Attendance 2019-2020

Catherine IrelandY  
Pat IrelandY  
Phillip InghamApologies  
Anthony TuckerY  
Jackie AndersY  
Louise McCallionY  
Michael DenningN  
Sarah KellyY  
Committee B - Members, Remit and Meeting Attendance 2019-2020


Committee B Remit:

Quorum:  3 Governors – Chair is elected at first committee meeting

  • Scrutiny of pupils’ work
  • Staff presentations
  • Discussions with staff and observations
  • Visits to the school and events
  • Being invited to meetings with representatives from companies being used to source resources


  • Mrs. Catherine Ireland
  • Miss. Julia Hamlin
  • Ms. Karen Hamilton
  • Mrs. Pat Ireland
  • Mr. Anthony Tucker – Chair of Committee B
  • Mr. Martin Cox
  • Sarah Kelly
  • Rev. D Moneme
  • Mrs. Louise McCallion (Deputy Head teacher / Associate Governor)
  • Joanne Murphy

Committee B Meeting Attendance 2019-2020

Catherine IrelandY  
Joanne MurphyY  
Karen HamiltonY  
Pat IrelandApologies  
Julia HamlinY  
Anthony TuckerY  
Martin CoxApologies  
Rev. D MonemeY  
Louise McCallionY  
Sarah KellyY  


Link Governor Roles
 Link Role Name(s)
Inclusion – SENMs. Karen Hamilton
Greater DepthMr. Anthony Tucker
Safeguarding/LAC/Child ProtectionMrs. Pat Ireland
AttendanceMs. Karen Hamilton, Mr. Anthony Tucker
EYFSMr. Martin Cox, Mrs. Joanne Murphy
HistoryMr. Martin Cox
RERev. D. Moneme
Pupil and Staff Well BeingMr. Anthony Tucker
English – ReadingMr. Anthony Tucker, Mrs.Pat Ireland
MathematicsMr. Anthony Tucker
Computer Science/E-SafetyMr. Phillip Ingham, Mrs. Pat Ireland
GeographyMr. Martin Cox
ScienceMr. Anthony Tucker
MusicMrs.Pat Ireland
Community & Extended ServicesMrs. Pat Ireland
Health & SafetyMr. Michael Denning
Governors ForumMr. Phillip Ingham
Art/DTMrs. Jackie Anders
Pupil Premium/DisadvantageMr. Anthony Tucker, Mrs.Pat Ireland
SMSC Link GovernorMr. Anthony Tucker
Young CarersMr. Anthony Tucker
Equality GovernorMr. Phillip Ingham
MFLMiss. Julia Hamlin
Governor Declaration
Full NameRelevant Business and Pecuniary InterestGovernance Role in other Educational InstitutionsAny material interests arising from relationships between Governors and School Staff
Catherine IrelandNone declaredNone declaredNone declared
Pat IrelandNone declaredNone declaredNone declared
Anthony TuckerNone declaredNone declaredNone declared
Martin CoxNone declaredNone declaredNone declared
Rev. Dozie MonemeNone declaredNone declaredNone declared
Michael DenningNone declaredNone declaredNone declared
Julia HamlinNone declaredNone declaredNone declared
Sarah KellyNone declaredNone declaredNone declared
Karen HamiltonNone declaredNone declaredNone declared
Phillip InghamProvides Human Resource Services on behalf of the LANone declaredNone declared
Joanne MurphyNone declaredNone declaredNone declared
Jackie AndersHusband employed by school as Minibus DriverNone declaredNone declared
Louise McCallionNone declaredNone declaredNone declared
Other Committees
Other Committees that meet as and when required are as follows:-

  • Staff Appointments Committee
  • Performance Review Panel
  • Dismissal / Appeals Committee
  • Pupil Discipline and Pupil Exclusion Committee
  • Complaints Committee

Meet our Governors

  • Worked as a teacher at the school for 39 years after qualifying as a teacher at Chester CollegeMr Anthony Tucker
  • Worked with 5 different headteachers
  • Eventually became assistant head then deputy head before retiring form teaching
  • Became a governor after retirement “You can`t work at the school for 39 years and not be interested in its future”
  • Attained National Certification in teaching of SRE “I have rarely seen such a uniformly excellent portfolio”, National Assessor
  • Interested in school sports especially Rugby League
  • Secretary of North West Counties Schools Rugby League
  • Twice refereed French Cadets v English Schoolboys U-16 RL Internationals
  • Refereed Schools Wembley Curtain-raiser
  • Became Rugby Football Referee scoring 98% in qualification exam
  • Interests since retirement include theatre, books and being a governor at Thatto Heath School
Mrs Catherine IrelandI am honoured to be the Headteacher at Thatto Heath Community Primary School. It is a real privilege to work in an inclusive school with such amazing pupils, supportive parents/carers and a fantastic staff team. I am committed to ensuring that our school can provide the very best opportunities for all of our children and that we are at the heart of the community we serve. I have been the Headteacher at Thatto Heath CPS since September 2007. Prior to taking up my headship I was Deputy Headteacher at our school. As a class teacher I have taught in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Before embarking on my teaching career, I read history at Liverpool University and spent time travelling in South America before completing my Primary Graduate Certificate in Education. Children are at the heart of all we do at Thatto Heath CPS and as Headteacher and Governor all actions taken always have the best interests of the children at their core. I am proud to promote the school ethos of inclusion and support. I am very fortunate to have a Governing Body that is so committed to the continual improvement of our school. Outside of school I enjoy reading and spending time with my family; my husband and our two young boys.  
Pat is the Local Authority Governor and represents Thatto Heath Ward. She has been a councillor for over 11 years and this year [2017] she has been appointed the Deputy Mayor for St Helens. Pat has been a school governor for several years and was previously a governor on Queens Park Primary School. She is on the Council’s Licencing Committee, a Scrutiny Committee and represents the Council on a Torus [former Helena Housing] committee. Pat is married with two children, three grandchildren and three great grandchildren and also lives in Thatto Heath. She is also active on the PERTH Community Centre Board and holds a weekly surgery there. Pat is an avid reader and loves Information Technology. She has recently taken up knitting again and is learning to craft a memory scrap book for the first time.
I have lived in Thatto Heath for 20 years. Both my children have attended Thatto Heath Primary School. I have worked within the legal profession and as a manager for various breweries. I am currently a full time mum. Since having my children, I have been involved in the start up of the Children’s Centre, being on the Management Board and other committees. Once my eldest child started the school 10 years ago I became a parent Governor and have held office since.
Having grown up in Thatto Heath, having been a pupil at Thatto Heath School and with my son currently attending the School, I have a strong attachment to the School and to the local area. I have spent the majority of my career (over 20 years) in people management / Human Resources, managing complex employee relations issues, running successful recruitment campaigns and designing and delivering training. I am currently working for the Local Authority, providing Employee Relations advice and solutions across St Helens Council and to Schools throughout the town. My interests outside of work and School include attending St Helens RLFC (Season Ticket holder) and live music events.
I have been associated with the community of Thatto Heath since 1988. Prior to that I had taught variously in Birmingham, Cambridgeshire and North Wales, having been brought up in NW London. I came to Thatto as Headteacher of Grange Park CHS, subsequently Broadway CHS and remained there until 2001. Until 2006, I was Project Director of St Helens Education Action Zone which supported 15 St Helens schools, including Thatto Heath CPS. From 2006 until 2009 I worked with two large groups of schools in Liverpool developing ‘extended schools’. Since then I have been busy (very busy) with family and grandchildren but have continued in my role as governor at THCPS for just over 10 years. It’s great to be involved and I feel very privileged to have been asked to continue in this role, not least remaining in touch with so many ex Broadway pupils now parents. It’s a generational thing! My friends from ‘down south’ tell me I have picked up a northern ring to my accent but you know differently. Proud of my North London roots, I remain loyal to Wasps RFC and Watford FC though I have affection for Saints as well. I try to get to as many sporting occasions as I can but haven’t made a Lions tour yet. An ambition yet to be fulfilled!

I have been a teacher at Thatto Heath Primary School for 12 years, but prior to my teaching post, I worked here as a classroom assistant for a year before completing my PCGE. I have recently been appointed as a Specialist Leader in Education for our teaching school alliance and currently lead Year 4. I am a middle leader with responsibility for more able pupils, Computing Science and E-Safety. I have completed the CEOP ambassador training for E-Safety and am able to train staff, parents, governors and children on E-Safety in our community. I have a keen interest in technology and its use within the classroom I have been a school governor for ten years now and have enjoyed seeing the impact of the governing body on everyday life within school.

Deputy Headteacher/Inclusion Manager As Deputy Headteacher and SENDCo at Thatto Heath I work closely with all members of the school community. It is a privilege to support so many pupils and their families in the area of Special Educational needs and Inclusion as well as many other aspects of school life. I have a wide range of experience. I started working at Thatto Heath CPS in September 2011. Prior to that I was a Senior Leader and head of Maths and English in a similar, but smaller, primary school in Warrington. I have also been a senior Leader and SENCo in a large junior school in Halton. I qualified as a teacher in 1995 and have taught classes across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. I have been a governor in all of my previous schools as well as being a parent governor at my son’s school. I am passionate about education, teaching and learning and am proud of the part I have played, and continue to play, in the learning and development of our pupils.
I am an Associated Governor at Thatto Heath Primary School. I have 2 children who both attended Thatto Heath Primary School. I also attended Thatto Heath when I was younger. I first started as a Parent Governor then I became an Associated Member when my daughter moved to High School. I have been actively involved with Thatto Heath Primary for over 19 years. First as a Parent Helper , helping in Year 1 and Year 5 then I became a Midday Supervisor. From there I then started as an LSA in Year 2 supporting a child 1:1. Then 8 years ago I started working on the Pastoral/Attendance Team. I am also involved with the PTFA helping with fund raising for the school.
I am a priest who is deeply passionate about reaching people in our community with the good-news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Currently I am the Vicar at St. John’s Church and I serve both the church family and community in various ways like pastoral care, discipleship and evangelising the Ravenhead community. Over the years I have been privileged to work with children and young adults in various community projects within the Anglican Church. Bringing out the best in young people is something I remain passionate about. I am confident that my cross-culture experience working with young people will bring a fresh perspective that would help our community school pupils grow into responsible citizens. Outside of Pastoring, I enjoy having family time with my wife and two young children.
  • Born in Rainhill.
  • Chairman Of Thatto Heath Crusaders  for over 15 years.
  • Chairman of The Steve Prescott Foundation since inception.
  • St Helens Business owner for over 25 years with interests in property development, sales and management locally and across the North West.
  • Rugby League fanatic.

I have a close link with the people of Thatto Heath and am very proud to chair the Rugby Club which is a focal point for the community and has been honoured by the Queen with an Award for Volunteer Services

  • I grew up and still live in the local area. JMurphy
  • My children attend Thatto Heath Community Primary School, currently in  preschool and year 1. 
  • I am an active member of the PTFA, I have been a member for the past 2 years and I have recently been appointed as treasurer. 
  • I have worked in the NHS for the majority of my career. 
  • I have also worked in other areas across the health and social care sector. 
  • I feel passionate about our children’s education, but also their welfare. 
  • I want to help support the school to achieve their future goals and visions, I believe this is everyone’s school as it is in the heart of our community and together we can all help shape it for a better future for our children and future generations to come. 

Thatto Heath Community Primary School

Hobart Street
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Headteacher: Mrs. Catherine Ireland
Main Contact: Mrs. Lisa Coates
SENDCO: Mrs. Louise McCallion
T: 01744 678710

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