Early Years

Foundation Stage

Our Early Years Foundation Stage includes:-


  • Free Nursery and Child Care places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds
  • 30 Hours Child Care is available
  • Opportunities to top up the free early education entitlement universal offer
  • 3 Reception Rooms and recently refurbished outdoor learning environment
A lively curriculum and excellent teaching in the Early Years Foundation Stage means that learning is fun for children and they progress very well. There is a strong emphasis on developing their basic skills in literacy and numeracy, giving the children the tools they need to become increasingly confident learners.

Free Early Education Entitlement

Every child is entitled to 15 free hours per week – 3 hours per day. 

  • Morning Session – 8:45am  – 11:45am (Flexible start and finish 8.45 – 9am and 11.30 – 11.45am)
  • Afternoon Session – 12:30pm – 3:30pmb (Flexible start and finish 12.30 – 1.45pm and 3.15 – 3.30pm)

Additional sessions

Additional fee-paying sessions are also offered subject to availability:


  • Lunchtime Wraparound, £3 per session – 11.45am–12.30pm Children must bring their own packed lunch
  • Additional Session PLUS Lunchtime Wraparound £15 per session – EITHER 8.45am–12.30pm OR 11.45am–3.30pm – Flexible start 8.45-9am / Flexible finish 3.15–3.30pm

30 hours free childcare / Extended Entitlement

Some parents are entitled to an additional 15 hours childcare on top of the Free Early Education Entitlement. This is commonly known as ‘30 Hours Free Childcare’/‘Extended Entitlement’

Parents will be able to check their eligibility now using the online childcare calculator

Online Childcare Calculator

If eligible, submit an online application ahead of September. Once signed up, parents will receive an eligibility code to take to their childcare provider. Childcare providers will then check the code with their local authority. If eligible, parents can book their 30 hours place.

We have provided a limited number of 30 hours places here at Thatto Heath Community Primary Preschool since September 2017. If you are eligible and interested in 30 hours free childcare, please submit your eligibility code to the school office as soon as possible to secure your child’s place. 

How do we deliver 30 Hours Free Childcare at Thatto Heath?

  • Children receiving 30 hours childcare will automatically be allocated a regular morning session. 
  • Their basic 30 hours entitlement session will run from 8.45am (soft opening until 9am) until 2.45pm
  • This session runs through lunchtime – all children attending 30 hours free childcare must be provided with a packed lunch.
  • Parents can opt to pay £3 daily to extend their child’s session until the afternoon closing time (soft opening 3.15-3.30pm).

Snack is £1 per week for 15 hour children and £1.50 for 30 hour children / those attending additional sessions.


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