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Class Charts


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All behaviour is logged and monitored through Class Charts. Positive and negative points are logged on a daily basis. All parents and guardians have a login which can be accessed via a website link and iOS & Android apps.

It provides a fantastic mechanism for parental engagement. The highest point earners are announced for each class on a weekly basis and half termly rewards are celebrated in assemblies.

The termly highest points winner receives a star prize.

Each team have their collective points tracked weekly and  team prizes are awarded half termly.

Every week there is a winner who is rewarded so that makes you want to be really good.

Libby Ellison

Class 6SP

They’re good because they encourage you to get good points to get rewarded with a prize at the end of the week.

Declan Jones

Class 5EB

’I think they are good because parents can see what you have done to be rewarded with a point, so it’s not just you telling them at the end of the day what you’ve earned a point for.

Lucy Birchall

Class 6LN

I like it because we’re competitive so we want to get good points! You can also see what you’ve done well at school and so can your parents.

Casey Harwood

Class 5DB

You can tell whose behaviour is good by checking points, you can get positive and negative points. It’s good because you work together as a class to get points and they’re collected at the end of the week. I like to know which class has the most at the end of the week.

Sam Turner

Class 6KOB

I like the charts because they are easier for parents to look at the good work you have been doing in school and you get rewarded. It’s better for watching behaviour.

Laila Oakes

Class 6LN

They are a good idea because it shows all of your good work, you can look at home too with your parents and they can see if you are behaving safely and responsibly.

Ebony Hallows

Class 6LN

I think the charts help because everyone wants to have the best score, so that makes everyone try their best to be good and not silly so they can earn points.

Daniel Cunningham

Class 5NJ

It has helped me with my behaviour because if I get good points my mum rewards me at the end of the week, which makes me try really hard to get points and not to retaliate to bad behaviour because then I lose points.

Lee Walkden

Class 5DB

The charts are good to have because teachers, children and parents can see if children are being naughty or nice. It’s good because you get rewarded for being good, and get recognised in assembly in front of everyone.

Grace Kelly

Class 6KOB

I think the charts help because there are good points and bad points that you can get. The teachers don’t have to shout when people are being naughty, they can write a message on the chart so parents can see too and it saves the teachers a job, now they don’t have to shout!

Caitlin Allcock

Class 5NJ

’I like the charts because you can earn points for being good and know the consequence of being bad can mean that you lose a point. Parents can see all of your points too. 

Casey Richardson

Class 6SP

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