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Celebrating 70 years of the NHS in RRB


We have had a wonderful day learning about the NHS. The children took part in role play and took on the role of doctors, nurses and paramedics. Here, they are attending to a casualty, checking his vital signs and taking notes on his condition. You will be glad to know our casualty made a speedy recovery!

Even our residential surgeon needed to have his chest listened to.

We talked about the importance of the NHS and how important it is for everybody, whether they are rich or poor to have access to good medical care and treatment.

Even Mrs Bramwell had to have an injection and I have to say, it didn't hurt a bit, I had an excellent nurse. Happy 70th birthday to our National Health Service.


Reception Sports Day

The sun shone on Reception's Sports Day.



Everybody had a wonderful time and although the children stayed cool and hydrated in the shade, they gave it their all in the events.

I was so impressed at how far the children could throw in the Bean Bag event. There are definitely some budding athletes amongst you.


Well done to Green Team who were overall winners on the day. I think you were all champions and your behaviour was fantastic. Well done everybody and thank you to all the parents, grandparents, friends and relatives who were able to attend.


Sports stars in RRB

We were all eager to take part in some sports activities today.

We tried our best at running and jumping over hurdles. We practised star jumps and throwing the javelin.

Some of the javelin throws were really impressive! I will have to start practising. Well done children.


We Love Maths in RRB

Today is National Numeracy Day and in RRB we enjoy learning about numbers, shapes and all things mathematical.

We like problem solving and finding out the answer.

We have enjoyed learning about capacity, doubling and halving, time and money.

The National numeracy website has some excellent ideas to help you support your child with maths and help them become numerate for life.


Parent Workshop in RRB

We had a brilliant time at our Parents Workshop today. It was great to see so many parents come along, so thank you to everyone who was able to come along today.

There were plenty of smiles going round to brighten up the dullest Wednesday afternoon.


We learned a little bit about being safe in the sun and how important it is to wear sun cream and keep hydrated by drinking water and sugar free drinks.

We designed our own ice lolly and made a beautiful sun catcher to put on our window at home.


I don't know where the time went and before we knew it, it was time to tidy up and go home. Thanks again to all those parents who came along, a lot of fun was had by all.