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Y4 Food Tasting


Children in year 4 will be taking part in food tasting next week as part of Christmas Around the World.  Children will be trying some Christmas sweet delights.  Class teachers are aware of any allergies your child may have but if your child has any new allergies please ensure you inform the school office by amending their medical details by Monday morning registration i.e 3rd December.

It All Electric

This week we started our topic Electricity.

In our first lesson we discussed different types of electricty, where electricty comes from and sorted appliances according to whether they used mains or batteries.

Some pupils concluded that appliances that used batteries needed to be more mobile than mains powered one in order to meet the demands of their use.


History – timeline

This week in history we looked at different periods of history before creating our own timelines about the Viking era.



Science – Living things

We have started our topic about living things and their habitats. Our first activity involved us imagining we were opening a local zoo and we have to decide how to group the animals.




This week we started our topic about animals including humans.

In our first lesson we ordered pictures about what happens after we are born then we discussed how baby animals are born – whether they hatch from an egg or are born alive.