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I like the charts because they are easier for parents to look at the good work you have been doing in school and you get rewarded. It’s better for watching behaviour.

Laila Oakes

Class 6LN

They are a good idea because it shows all of your good work, you can look at home too with your parents and they can see if you are behaving safely and responsibly.

Ebony Hallows

Class 6LN

’I like the charts because you can earn points for being good and know the consequence of being bad can mean that you lose a point. Parents can see all of your points too. 

Casey Richardson

Class 6SP

’I think they are good because parents can see what you have done to be rewarded with a point, so it’s not just you telling them at the end of the day what you’ve earned a point for.

Lucy Birchall

Class 6LN

The charts are good to have because teachers, children and parents can see if children are being naughty or nice. It’s good because you get rewarded for being good, and get recognised in assembly in front of everyone.

Grace Kelly

Class 6KOB