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Mrs L. McCallion – Deputy Headteacher / SENDCO

Excellent school attendance and punctuality are essential if your child is to achieve their best. Research shows that pupils who attend school regularly are more likely to be successful in their future lives.

Even short absences can have a detrimental effect on pupils’ learning and can also impact on their social and emotional development.

Everyday, pupils are awarded one point on ‘Class Charts’ for attending school and being on time because this shows that they are READY to learn.



The School Day …


  • Children should be on the yard by 8:50am and ready to line up at 8:55am when the bell goes.
  • They will be taken in to school by their teacher and the register will be taken.
  • Pupils who are not in school when the register is taken will be marked as late.
  • If a pupil is too late, and enters school after registers are closed, it will class as an absence and will impact on overall attendance.
  • As lessons start immediately after the register is taken, being late can seriously impact on pupil progress.

Unauthorised Absence


If your child is very ill or has a very good reason for absence it will be authorised.  Absence for events such as family parties or weddings cannot be authorised.  Other reasons for absence that are not acceptable are shopping, child’s birthday and holidays in term time.

While holidays in term time can be requested by filling in a form from the office or on the APP, it is exceptionally rare that holidays in term time will be authorised.

All requests for absence during term time have to go to Mrs Ireland for consideration.

Celebrating Good Attendance

At Thatto Heath Community Primary School excellent attendance is rewarded in a number of ways including:

  • Postcards home for 100%
  • Weekly and Termly prizes
  • Attendance parties
  • Certificates
  • Assembly celebrations
  • Visits from Attendance Monkey

Attendance Banding

96 – 100%

Congratulations your attendance is excellent.

If you are in this band – you are doing well.  Your attendance is not going to affect your learning.  You may be able to win attendance prizes or be eligible for rewards especially if you maintain 100%.

89% of students in the UK with similar attendance gained 5 A* – C grades at GCSE

91 – 95%

Your attendance has slipped below the 96% mark which could start to affect your learning.  You may have had an illness which meant that you had to have some time off school but now you must try hard to improve your attendance over the coming weeks.


61% of students in the UK with similar attendance gained 5 A* – C grades at GCSE

 Below 90%

Your attendance is now a serious concern.  Your progress may be significantly affected.  Pupils whose attendance falls into this band fall into a Government Category called ‘Persistent Absentee’ or PA.

An Education Welfare Officer may write to your parents or ask them to attend a formal meeting about attendance. We may also do a home visit to discuss concerns.

Diane Russell is our local authority Education Welfare Officer (EWO).  She works closely with school staff, pupils and family members to help resolve any issues around attendance.

She visits school weekly and will often carry out home visits for absent pupils.

Diane can be contacted via the school attendance team should you wish to discuss any concerns you may have around attendance or punctuality.

Attendance Team

  • Mrs Ireland—Headteacher
  • Mrs McCallion– Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs Anders—Pupil Care Team
  • Mrs Lomax—Pupil Care Team

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s attendance and punctuality

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