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Curriculum Intent


It is our aim to ensure that all of our children will leave Thatto Heath Community Primary School as highly literate, numerate, socially capable and digitally literate young people. As children progress through the school, as well as academic fulfilment, their resilience and self-esteem is encouraged through the increasing responsibilities in school life.

We want every child in our school community to thrive. Expectations are high in all areas.

Computer Science is a real strength of our school and we want all of our pupils to be inspired as to how to use cutting edge technology safely and imaginatively.


We aim to:


  • enable pupils to develop knowledge, understand concepts and acquire skills and be able to choose and apply these in relevant situations;
  • engage the children’s interest by offering excellent opportunities to extend creative learning, challenge their imagination, value originality and to encourage and motivate them to want to learn;
  • support pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development;
  • support pupils’ physical development and responsibility for their own health, and enable them to be active;
  • be exciting and to offer pupils lots of first-hand experience to reinforce their learning and to underpin their growing knowledge, skills and understanding of the world;
  • to open their eyes to awe and wonder and cause them to marvel at the incredible and fantastic world in which they live;
  • promote a positive attitude towards learning;
  • ensure equal access to learning, with high expectations for every pupil and appropriate levels of challenge and support;
  • ensure the safeguarding and well-being of all pupils in line with the school’s safeguarding policy.
In EYFS the intent of the curriculum is to:
  • provide all pupils with high quality teaching of reading, including systematic phonics;
  • build children’s fluency in counting, recognising small numbers of items, comparing numbers and solving problems;
  • enable the children to access a varied and rich play based curriculum with a key focus on developing their speech and language skills;
  • promote the learning and development of our youngest children and ensure they are ready for the transition into Reception and Key Stage 1;
  • develop confident and inquisitive learners;
  • ensure that boys can access the curriculum on an equal footing.
In KS1 the intent of the curriculum is to:
  • develop reading for pleasure through an exciting and varied curriculum;
  • to continue to provide all pupils with high quality teaching of reading, including systematic phonics;
  • to develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value;
  • engage boys in their learning so that they can compete on an equal footing with the girls;
  • to give the children experiences of the wider world and further develop their basic life skills.
  • to foster a love of learning within the children and ensure they engage positively with all aspects of school life.
  • develop as active citizens in their school community
  • to prepare children with the fundamentals of reading, writing and maths, to enable them to progress and deepen their understanding in KS2.
In KS2 the intent of the curriculum is to:
  • ensure that pupils become increasingly fluent with whole numbers and the four operations, including number facts and the concept of place value;
  • develop efficient written and mental methods and perform calculations accurately with increasingly large whole numbers;
  • in upper key stage 2 the principal focus of the maths curriculum is to ensure that pupils extend their understanding of the number system and place value to include large integers;
  • develop children that have numerical fluency and so can develop in to young adults who can use this to reason and problem solve,
  • ensure that pupils have efficient written and mental methods of calculation;
  • promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written language, and to develop their love if literature through widespread reading for enjoyment.
  • enable pupils to speak and write fluently so that they can communicated their ideas and emotions to others, and through their reading and listening;
  • develop pupils, through their reading in particular, culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually;
  • develop pupils’ independent learning skills and resilience;
  • equip them with the skills needed as the transition on to secondary education;
  • ensure our young people are active and positive members of their local community;
  • develop children who have a growth mind set and the ability justify their thoughts and feelings;
  • foster creative thinking children who can over-come their future challenges.

Curriculum Pledge


Each year pupils will take part in a wide range of curriculum themed days and weeks. These events provide us with wonderful whole school learning opportunities and provide additional enrichment experiences through visitors, dress up events and visits.

The School Council and Pupil Governors worked with our Head teacher, Mrs Ireland, to create a pledge. It incorporates what they believe every child at Thatto Heath Community Primary should have the opportunity to do whilst at our school.

Visits to:
  • a museum
  • a zoo
  • an art gallery
  • the theatre
  • libraries
  • local parks
  • a local area attraction
  • different places of worship
  • Saints RLFC
  • a residential trip
To have the opportunity to:
  • go swimming
  • learn another language
  • learn to play a musical instrument
  • be taught be specialist dance teachers, MFL teachers, sports coaches, trained musicians and computer science specialists
  • represent the school through sporting events
  • take part in the St Helens dance festival
  • be in a choir
  • play in an orchestra
  • work with Junior Chef
  • take art in enterprise activities
  • work with an artist in residence
  • take part in animal theme events
  • watch a pantomime
  • study a range of cultures and faiths
  • undertake cycling proficiency
  • work alongside a professional writer or storyteller
  • regular opportunities to share his/her achievements in assemblies and other whole school events
  • be involved in decision-making that effects the whole school either through roles and responsibilities and through regular pupil perception surveys
  • to learn through practical, hands-on, investigative activities – growing fruit and vegetables, cooking, looking after the school grounds
  • access a wide range of clubs and extra-curricular activities both after school and during lunchtimes
  • work alongside parents on a day-to-day basis and during practical whole school projects
All pupils will be able to apply for a special job such as:
  • School Councillor
  • Pupil Governors
  • Mini Police Officer
  • Peer Listeners
  • Activity Leaders
  • Sports Crew
  • Power Rangers/Eco-Council
  • Buddy Readers
  • Librarians
  • Science Ambassadors
  • History Ambassadors
  • Maths/ Timestable Ambassadors
  • Digital Leaders
  • Attendance Champions
  • Radio Crew
  • Newspaper journalists
Year 6 pupils can be nominated for these prestigious posts:
  • Head Boy/Girl
  • Deputy Head Boy/Girl
  • Team Captains
All pupils will have access to a range of special visitors:
  • past pupils who have excelled and want to, can share their achievements
  • representatives from a range of faiths
  • RNLI
  • Merseyside Police
  • Fire Service
  • RNPB
  • United Utilities
  • local medical professionals
  • librarians
  • local secondary schools.
This pledge makes our school unique. We want to ensure that our children have a curriculum that is relevant, exciting, broad and balanced and one that provides them with the skills to be socially mobile and resilient in an ever demanding, challenging world in which we live.

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