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World Cup

The Year 6 World Cup tournament ended this morning with France overcoming a spirited England team after a nerve wracking penalty shoot out. Grace-Ann rattled hole the winning penalty to go alongside her goal of the tournament honour- an amazingly volley stroked home perfectly from a corner. Well done to all competitors on a respectful and entertaining event.


Titanic Diary Entries

Year 6 have written diary entries showing their feelings and emotions at different points during their journeys. We spent a lot of time editing our work using peer assessment and sharing good examples. We are very proud of our finished pieces.





Writing in the sun

Year 6 took advantage of the fabulous weather this morning to write up these research on how the school has changed over the years. This has been part of their work during history week. A special mention goes to Charlie for his costume- can you guess who he is?





Nominations in 6SP

In preparation for our end of year events, we spent part of our afternoon nominating our class mates for a range of awards which will be awarded at the end of the year. It was fun thinking about our unique characteristics and habits!



St Helens art work

As part of our themed week, we have looked at the work of the artist Chagall. We looked at some of his paintings and discussed how we could recreate these to suit our theme of St Helens.



Year 6 artwork

As part of the upcoming topic on the Titantic, year spent the afternoon developing their sketching skills with some amazing results.



Titanic exhibition

Our topic this term is based on The Titanic. Last weekend, in preparation for the work we will complete, Barbara visited the Maritime Museum in Liverpool where she found out lots of interesting information and viewed different artefacts. Well done Barbara!

You could visit this museum took, check out for more information.

Here are some of the photographs she took which will help us in our study of this interesting topic:




Year 6 art

Year 6 completed their water paintings of the Victoria Falls this morning.



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