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Swimming Gala

Today, we competed against schools from across St Helens at a swimming gala held at Edge Hill University.

We had a fantastic morning and competed in a range of individual events including: front crawl, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke.

We then competed in teams of 4 in two medley events.

Everyone who competed should be very proud!

WW2 Maths

Today, we looked at rationed ingredients in WW2 and how recipes had to be altered. We looked at a recipe for steamed pudding and had to scale the recipe to create the correct amount of ingredients for a particular number of people.





5EB are really enjoying their new class reader. They have made some excellent predictions based on what they know about the story so far.


Living Things

In Spring 1, we are studying living things and their habitats.

This week we have been learning about how plants reproduce.





This week is RE week. We have been looking at different faiths. Today, in art we looked at The Hindu faith and the children designed their own Rangoli patterns.


Global Learning

In our geography topic this term we have been looking at the water cycle and rivers. Today, we looked at the average water usage in different countries including: USA, Italy, UK and Mozambique. We discussed why water is so important and the amount needed for an acceptable quality of life.

We were really surprised by the differences between countries.



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