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Forces in 5NJ

Autumn 2 is all about forces.

Last week we looked at Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity. We measured a variety of objects with a newton meter to investigate the strength of force acting on an object.

This week we studied how air resistance affects an object. Ask us to tell you what we did.




Y5 and 6 Athletics Tournament


Today we enetered an athletics tournament at Broadway sports centre. We competed in a wide range of events including: an obstacle relay, relay races, a paarlauf, chest push, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, soft javelin and the speed bounce.

We all had a fantastic morning and enjoyed competing in the range of activities. Out of the eleven schools who attended we came fifth overall. Well done to everyone who took part.


Non fiction writing

This week, in our English lessons, we have been looking at non chronological reports. In 5EB, we have been learning about relative clauses and we have included these in our own non chronological report about wolves.



Our class text


The children are really enjoying our class reader this half term. They have produced some fantastic writing from this text.


Reversible or irreversible?

Over the last couple of weeks we have discovered the difference between reversible and irreversible changes.
We made a mixture, then separated the components by magnetism, filtration, sieving and evaporation.




Then we melted chocolate and made it solid again.

We created chemical reactions by mixing bicarbonate of soda. Ask us what was formed during the reaction.


In addition, we added vinegar to warm milk. Can you believe we actually made a plastic?!





Art Day in 5NJ

Today we learnt about the artist Chuck Close. We researched his life and his inspirations before creating our own piece of work in his style.


Welcome back 5DB

Welcome back 5DB. I hope you are all rested and ready to go.

Our theme in Autumn 1 is the Anglo Saxons.


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