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Today we extended our knowledge of electrical circuits by introducing switches; we observed what happened.



Maths Day!

We loved maths day! We played maths games linked to telling the time, times tables and measures. We also really enjoyed our maths circus in the hall which was led by year 6 children.


Muffling Sound

We carried out an investigation to see which material muffled sound the best.


Tudor Assembly

Well done on a superb assembly year 4! You showed how much you enjoyed learning about the Tudors through song, dance, art, English and DT.



Exploring pitch

Today we investigate how the of a range of instruments changes.

We had fun making straw instruments – we discovered that as you cut them and make them shorter the pitch gets higher.



Mastery Maths-Capacity

We used cubes to help us figure out a capacity problem. Using the equipment helped us to visualise how we would move the water around to solve the problem.


What happens to sound?

In today's Science lesson we ventured outside the find out what happens to sound as you move away from it.

We concluded that the further away you moved the quieter the sound was.


Travelling Sounds

Today we looked at how sounds travel from an object.

Mrs. Rampton modelled how sound waves move with the use of a slinky.


A group of us carried out some mini investigations to see how sound travelled through different media.

Some of us didn't believe our classmates results so we tested it for ourselves.



Good Vibrations

Today we discovered that vibrations can be seen as well as heard(as sounds) or felt.

If you put rice on a drum, when you hit it you see the skin vibrate and the rice jumps.

In this example, we hit a tuning fork on a table leg then quickly put it in a bowl of water. The vibrations made ripples in the water and sprayed it across the table.


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