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Today we worked on the final stage of our work on Turner.

We created the stormy background and sails for our boats.




Our Plants

Today was our final opportunity to go and see our seeds and bulbs.

The dahlia leaves have doubled in size but no sign of flowers. However, to our surprise we found that some other bulbs had suddenly flowered – last time we looked there was no evidence of anything happening.

The sunflowers are getting really tall and we could see the start of the flower head appearing.
” I wonder how tall they are going to get?”
What do you think?



Our Plants

Today was our final opportunity to look at our bulbs and seeds.

The dahlia bulbs still have no flowers but the leaves have doubled in length.

To our surprise some flowers had suddenly appeared – last time we looked there was no sign of them.

The sunflowers are growing nice and tall we are beginning to see the start of the sunflower head.
“I wonder how tall they are going to get?”
What do you think?


Non fiction writing

Today we sorted sentences about the Great Fire of London into paragraphs.


Tomorrow we will start writing our own reports about the fire.

Look out for our amazing work!

Walk it safer

In year two we have been learning about how to cross the road safely.

We wore our fluorescent jackets to go outside to practise.

We looked for safer places to cross and even learned how to cross safely if there were no safer places, such as between parked cars.











Colour mixing

We have been learning about primary and secondary colours in art this week. We also practised adding tints and tones by adding black or white to make the colours darker and lighter.



We will use our colour mixing skills to paint the background of our paintings of the sea in the style of Turner.


Chocolate writing

We have written our own information booklets all about chocolate. Mmmm!


We shared them with our friends in yer 4. They were very impressed with our writing and all the information we had learned.

Year 2 trip

We had a fantastic day today visiting The Dream and the Philharmonic in Liverpool.

We sketched The Dream in our Art Journals.

At the Philharmonic we watched and listened to an amazing concert with the Royal Philharmonic orchestra and CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell. Cerrie told a story called 'Fairy Magic' and the orchestra provided beautiful music to make the story come alive.

The children were captivated by the magical atmosphere and their behaviour, as always, was a credit to the school.

Well done year 2, I hope you enjoyed our day out.

2CB block graph


As part of our English work, we showed which chocolate bars we like best.

Look out for our 'All About Chocolate' booklets coming soon.

Which was the most popular?

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