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Always Child Winners Spring Term 1 2018

Well done to the following children who have been chosen as their class Always Child for Spring Term 1.
They have all received an invitation to the Party this week. Congratulations!

Pre-school: Nathaniel Anthony, Charlie Garnett, Violet Parry, Tabitha Kelly
Reception: Mia Collins, Mason Woods, Dominic Cowley, Erin Lemon, Joshua Barlow, Matilda Doyle
Year 1: Eva Parry, George Tunstall, Sithath Solis, Mia Woods, Devon King, Faye Mawdsley
Year 2: Tyler Preston, Mia Smith, Caitlyn Spark, Alfie Slevin, Rhea Smith, Emaiya Koneswaran
Year 3: Olivia Hughes, Olivia Brennan, Lucy Dixon, Emily Rigby, Etty Dooley, Dylan Lowry
Year 4: Daisy Scott, Sachin Solis, Ryan Beckett, Tilly Scott, Hannah Robinson, Isabelle Geraghty
Year 5: Hayley Molyneux, Brooke Walker, Caitlyn Allcock, Emily Stanley, Mia Pinder, Emily Littler
Year 6: Lewis Pilling, Grace-Ann Cartwright, Chelsea Gannon, Lucy Birchall, Katie Arnold, Barbara Lazslo
Nurture: Adam Spencer, Oliver Godding
Most improved behaviour: Archie Metcalf


Highest Point achievers

RES         Mason Wood

RRB        Lydia Hewitt

RSJ         Matilda Doyle

1LM       Eva Parry

1AF        Aaliyah Parr

1LW       Sithath Solis

2CB        Alfie Slevin

2JT          Evie McCabe

2GY        Tyler Preston

3LM       Lucy Dixon

3JW        Olivia Brennan

3FLB       Etty Dooley

4VM      Isabelle Geraghty

4JH         Southern Burrows

4PW       Daisy Scott

5DB        Brooke Clarke

5NJ         Caitlin Allcock

5EB         Lily Mawdsley

6KOB     Lewis Pilling

6LN        Lucy Birchall

6SP         Katie Arnold

The overall winner was Adam Spencer. Adam has won a Saints family match ticket. 

All the above children will attend the Always party next term.

Well done children you have been fantastic!

Always Child Awards Autumn Term 1 2017

Well done to the following children who have been chosen as Always Child for Autumn Term 1.
Children will attend the Always Child party. Congratulations!

 Alisha Smith RES, Joseph Wynn RES, Mia Collins RES 
Poppy Summers 1LW, Daniel Brown 1LW, Riley Strange 1AF, Sashmika Varethes 1AF, Cayden Griffin 1LM,
Evie Briers 1LM, Ruby Lynn Seeking 1LM, Ben Dean 1LM, George Tunstall 1LM
Sophia Greenwood 2CB, Reece Heston Roberts 2CB, Jayden Clough Spurgeon 2GY, Dylan Williams 2GY , Brody MacLeod 2JT, Mya Cowley 2JT
Holly MacMillan 3FLB, Dylan Lowry 3FLB, Eve Gannon 3JW, Ria Robertshaw 3JW, Mark Chatten 3LM, Isaac Porter 3LM
Callum Holmes 4PW, Carla Toole 4PW, Mia Hurst 4VM, Samuel Chu 4VM, Isabelle Geraghty 4VM,
Oliver Godding 4VM, Southern Burrows 4JH, Matthew Robinson 4JH
Declan Jones 5EB, Adam Spencer 5EB, Kate Turner 5NJ, Hayley Molyneux 5DB, Brooke Clarke 5DB
Daniel Keavey 6LN, Jessica Melville 6LN, Dylan Ashton 6KOB, Jasmin Slevin 6KOB, Libby Ellison 6SP, Sam Hitchmough 6SP.

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