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Celebrating 70 years of the NHS in RRB


We have had a wonderful day learning about the NHS. The children took part in role play and took on the role of doctors, nurses and paramedics. Here, they are attending to a casualty, checking his vital signs and taking notes on his condition. You will be glad to know our casualty made a speedy recovery!

Even our residential surgeon needed to have his chest listened to.

We talked about the importance of the NHS and how important it is for everybody, whether they are rich or poor to have access to good medical care and treatment.

Even Mrs Bramwell had to have an injection and I have to say, it didn't hurt a bit, I had an excellent nurse. Happy 70th birthday to our National Health Service.


Boys book club week 2

Boys book club continued this week. KS1 read some more of the Pirate Dinosaurs book. They acted out being a pirate, designed their own pirate dinosaur and discussed language like ‘gleaming’ and ‘peculiar’.

KS2 boys continued to look at the ‘Rabbits’ text by Shaun Tan this week. They discussed how it was similar to pirates, an invasion and war. One child stated ‘the markings on the backs look tribal, as if they are ready for war’. Another child discussed how the rabbits looked to be planning and using new technology. This allowed the conversation to move to debating whether new technology is good or bad! Brilliant boys!