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What makes us special?


We talked about what makes us as special as the rainbow on our playground.

” I can run really fast.”

” I can make special slime!”

“I can make animals out if Pom-poms.”

“I'm a great big brother”

“I'm really good at Mario games”

I know how to play nicely with all my friends.”

A class of children with lots of special gifts!




The last few days we have been doing lots of Science in RES.

Firstly we planted sunflower seeds. Mrs McDonald helped us put soil into the pots and then plant the seeds and give them some water. They have just started to grow. I wonder who will grow the tallest flower?


Also we were given an amazing t-shirt by Miss Powell that could show you what was inside your body and how it works. We then drew around Mia and labelled all the body parts we could think of. Wow Reception! You know so much!



Planting seeds in RRB


As we are learning about Growing in RRB, we have been planting some seeds.

We decorated our own labels to put on the pots and we carefully filled each pot with some compost.


We will water them and place them in a window so they can get plenty of light.




We are looking forward to watching the shoots appear. Look out for further blogs about their progress as we watch them grow.


Non-Fiction Books Activity


We really enjoyed finding and sharing information and facts from our huge range of non-fiction books. Some of the topics we enjoyed learning about included The Rainforest, Spain, Space and Volcanoes.