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Acting up in R.E. (3JW)


In the lead up to Easter, we will be looking at different parts of the Easter story, and generating big questions through drama. Today we told the story of 'The Last Supper', using the art of Davinci and then creating a freeze-frame. Children then wrote questions that they would like to ask Jesus and his disciples.


The children came up with some really thought-provoking questions, wanting to know how the disciples felt when Jesus said that one of them would betray him, and also quizzing Judas on why he was going to betray his master.


What makes us special?


We talked about what makes us as special as the rainbow on our playground.

” I can run really fast.”

” I can make special slime!”

“I can make animals out if Pom-poms.”

“I'm a great big brother”

“I'm really good at Mario games”

I know how to play nicely with all my friends.”

A class of children with lots of special gifts!


Persuasive Performances


As part of our English work on persuasion, we watched a range of persuasive speeches and discussed which ones were the most effective. We then annoated pre-written speeches to help us decide how they should be delivered. After rehearsing, we then performed the speeches to each other and assessed them against the key features we discussed. Come back later in the half term to watch us perform persuasive speeches we have written ourselves!