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British science week in 3LM


We've had a really interesting time in 3LM finding out about the damage that plastics and pollution do to the oceans and rivers around the world. This included a really slimy and fun lesson where we tried to reverse the damage of littering in the seas





Reflective materials


As part of our science topic we investigated materials to see which would be most effective at reflecting light so that it could be used to create a new school bag.



Science experiment about digestion


In 4PW, we completed an experiment to represent the human digestive system using orange juice, bananas, biscuits and a pair of ladies tights!

The children really enjoyed a hands on approach to learn how food is digested and the functions of each organ involved. Plus we got to make some poo!!




The last few days we have been doing lots of Science in RES.

Firstly we planted sunflower seeds. Mrs McDonald helped us put soil into the pots and then plant the seeds and give them some water. They have just started to grow. I wonder who will grow the tallest flower?


Also we were given an amazing t-shirt by Miss Powell that could show you what was inside your body and how it works. We then drew around Mia and labelled all the body parts we could think of. Wow Reception! You know so much!