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Celebration Assembly

On Friday, our KS2 assembly was all about celebrating our achievements; both in school and out of school. We celebrated our own British Values when discussing our tolerance, diversity and respect for ourselves and each other.

6SP won the KS2 reading award this week and lots of children received certificates for fantastic work on poetry in English lessons. We were treated to amazing performance poetry from one of our year 4 pupils.

Two of our year 5 children also received awards from their dance clubs, which they attend outside of school. We left our Assembly feeling very proud of ourselves, and each other.



Performance Poetry

We have loved performing our poetry about the sea this week! We watched lots of poets first to get some inspiration and then annotated our poems to help us consider how certain lines should be performed.






Performance Poetry in 4PW

We have been looking at writing our own metaphor poems about the sea. We began by reading ‘The Sea’ by James Reeves. We studied his use of metaphoric language and how it brings the description out in the poem.


The children planned their own poem and enjoyed performing them for the class. Well done to everyone for being brave enough to perform for the class.