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Book week in 2CB

We've taken part in lots of activities in book week.

We researched a topic of our choice in the library.

We were visited by Belle and Ben Ten who brought us a new book for our class library.






Arctic writing

Today we wrote reports about the Arctic using all the facts we have learned in our Geography lessons.

Take a look at Katie's and Jackson's writing. They knew lots of information.


Rainforest Layers

In 4JH we have loved learning about the layers of the rainforest in our geography topic. We created actions to help us remember facts about each layer. Then we went on a Google Expedition to explore the rainforest ourselves which was amazing! We were able to identify the different layers and describe what we saw. We then produced a non-chronological report about the layers of the rainforest.




Making our toy boat

We were really excited to follow a set of instructions to make a toy boat today! Ask us what time connectives are and we can tell you the ones we used.