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Maths Day in 1LW

Today was all about maths. We have solved problems, reasoned and carried out a variety of activities in the hall. We had lots of fun. We even created pieces of artwork in the style of Klee using shapes.



Maths Day!

We loved maths day! We played maths games linked to telling the time, times tables and measures. We also really enjoyed our maths circus in the hall which was led by year 6 children.


Maths day in 3LM

We have had lots of fun during Maths Day in 3LM. There was lots of activities and problems for us to try and solve! It really helped us to develop our skills and and it didn't feel like we were learning because of all the games!



Mastery Maths-Capacity

We used cubes to help us figure out a capacity problem. Using the equipment helped us to visualise how we would move the water around to solve the problem.