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Writing in the sun


Year 6 took advantage of the fabulous weather this morning to write up these research on how the school has changed over the years. This has been part of their work during history week. A special mention goes to Charlie for his costume- can you guess who he is?





School Council/Pupil Governor workshop

Past Present and Future Week

This afternoon members of our Pupil Governor and School Council teams worked with Mrs Ireland as part of Past, Present and History Week. They worked in groups to design how they would like our future school to look. Ideas included a tower for teachers to work in with a bird’s eye view, changing rooms for lots of sport activities, a Science Laboratory and a giant trampoline!

Past, Present and Future Week


This week has been our past, present and future week. The children have been looking at our local area in the past, present and thinking about what it will be like in the future. As part of this week, the history team organised a parent and child workshop evening where parents and their children were invited to study our local area and look at how it has changed. This was a really successful event and we would like to thank those parents and children who could make it!