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Bridges and Rivers

Linked to our topic of rivers, we completed a DT topic about bridges and rivers.

Our design brief was to build a bridge that could support the weight of a tin can full of peas.

We used our Chromebooks to research different types of bridges.

We then came up with our own design and thought about what we would need.

We used art straws, card and sticky tape to then build our bridges.


Year Five visit to Sutton Academy

Today, year five had the opportunity to visit Sutton Academy. We got to participate in a PE lesson.

Afterwards, while half of the year participated in Art or DT, the other half had a tour of the school from ex pupils. We had a fantastic time and can't wait to visit again.


Weaving in 5NJ

We have all really enjoyed our weaving topic in DT. We researched Anglo Saxon weaving techniques and patterns before designing and creating our own.