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Making pizza!

We have had great fun doing our DT topic 'Picnics around the World' this week. We spoke about food that we would take on a picnic and also researched about other countries.

Today we designed and made our own pizza, we couldn't wait to take them home for our tea! They all loved delicious! Well done 1AF.




We are Tv chefs!

For our Computer science topic we are learning how to be TV chefs! We have been watching 'Big Cook, Little Cook' and watching what that TV chef does. Today we turned into a chef robot and as a class we created instructions to make a jam sandwich! We learnt how important it is to make the instuctions clear!


Easter cakes

We loved making Easter cakes yesterday! We wonder if the children made it home without eating them?


Greek Bread

For a Design & Technology, our focus is Greek bread. Today we used the iPads to research why bread was important to the Greeks, how it was made and how it can be flavoured. It made us very hungry!