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Making a healthy snack for the Highway Rat


The children have made fantastic, healthy fruit salads this week. They designed, created and evaluated their own idea of what they thought a healthy snack would be for the Highway Rat. We hope they enjoyed eating them too!


Healthy snack


Today we designed and made a healthy snack for the Highway Rat.

We tried different fruits to decide which ones we liked best.

Then we chopped our fruit and made our fruit salads.


Delicious and healthy! Yum!

DT houses


We have had a great day making houses for the three little pigs! This was part of our DT topic and the children learnt how to add hinges to make the doors and windows open. They even get to bring them home! We hope you love them and can see how hard they have tried today!


Bridges and Rivers


Linked to our topic of rivers, we completed a DT topic about bridges and rivers.

Our design brief was to build a bridge that could support the weight of a tin can full of peas.

We used our Chromebooks to research different types of bridges.

We then came up with our own design and thought about what we would need.

We used art straws, card and sticky tape to then build our bridges.