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Cross-Curricular Computer Science/Maths in 3JW.


Today we linked our shape topic in maths with 'we are bug fixers' in computer science, when Mr McFarlane challenged us to fix bugs for drawing shapes using Scratch software.


Several children were so good at fixing the bugs that they were able to 'teach' others how to do it. They came to the the front of the computer science lab and explained how to use the number of sides that the shape had, and the angles they needed to program the sprite to draw the shapes accurately.








Measuring our hand span in Science 3 JW


As part of our 'animals (including humans)' topic, we investigated whether the tallest children had the largest hand span. We made predictions and used maths measuring skills to measure hand spans before recording results in a table and drawing a conclusion from the results.

















WW2 Maths


Today, we looked at rationed ingredients in WW2 and how recipes had to be altered. We looked at a recipe for steamed pudding and had to scale the recipe to create the correct amount of ingredients for a particular number of people.



Christmas maths


Year 6 used Christmas trees (concrete resources) to solve this problem this morning. What does the next in the sequence look like? How can you work out what cubes you would need for the 100th tree?