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2CB block graph


As part of our English work, we showed which chocolate bars we like best.

Look out for our 'All About Chocolate' booklets coming soon.

Which was the most popular?

Maths Day!

We loved maths day! We played maths games linked to telling the time, times tables and measures. We also really enjoyed our maths circus in the hall which was led by year 6 children.


‘No pens’ maths in 3JW

Who needs pens when you can use paint to complete a data handling activity. We really enjoyed using the information off a tally/frequency chart to create our own chart with paint. We could even answer the questions with paint. It was great!





Cross-Curricular Computer Science/Maths in 3JW.

Today we linked our shape topic in maths with 'we are bug fixers' in computer science, when Mr McFarlane challenged us to fix bugs for drawing shapes using Scratch software.


Several children were so good at fixing the bugs that they were able to 'teach' others how to do it. They came to the the front of the computer science lab and explained how to use the number of sides that the shape had, and the angles they needed to program the sprite to draw the shapes accurately.