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Algorithms in ICT

During computer science this week we have been learning about algorithms. If you see any member of 1LW ask them what an algorithm is and I'm sure they could tell you.

Great team world everyone!


We are Tv chefs!

For our Computer science topic we are learning how to be TV chefs! We have been watching 'Big Cook, Little Cook' and watching what that TV chef does. Today we turned into a chef robot and as a class we created instructions to make a jam sandwich! We learnt how important it is to make the instuctions clear!


We are TV chefs

Our ICT unit this half term is called we are TV chefs. During the lesson today we have been writing a clear set of instructions for Robot Wright (Mrs Wright) to follow to be able to successfully make a jam sandwich. A clear set of instructions for a computer to follow is an algorithm. It was so much fun!


We are communicators

We started our new ICT topic, 'We are communicators' and looked at different ways of passing on a message to people. We then thought about the advantages and disadvantages of each method that we came up with. As always, staying safe online was also discussed.



3JW Vloggers

The children have been creating amazing presentations on volcanoes. They are going to turn the presentations into vlogs. Ask your child to log into google to share their work with you.