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We love Computer Science!


We love going to the computer science lab every Friday! This half term we have learnt how to safe search for images on the web and created a college slideshow of different types of animals. Well done 1AF!


Volcano Research in Computer Science


This week, in 3JW, we've been using the apple macs and google slides to complete research on our geography subject of volcanoes.


In VIPERS, we're using 2 texts: 'A Volcano Wakes Up' (which has a non-fiction section) and the fiction text 'Attack of the Volcano Monkeys', which is our current class reader. After reading, we will begin to look at the features of a recount before writing our own.


Building and programming toys


Today in computer science, we followed a set of instructions to build a lego crocodile toy. We then programmed it using an algorithm to open and close its mouth. It was lots of fun! Next week we will be writing more complex algorithms for it to complete.