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We Are Meteorologists


We made Okta grids to measure cloud cover. We faced north and counted how many squares contained cloud. We repeated this facing east, south and west then divided the total by four.

In Computer Science, we will be learning about other instruments that are used to measure weather and will be interpreting data collected by these instruments.


Computer Science in 3JW

As part of our new unit of work 'we are opinion pollsters', we used Nearpod software to complete a survey, answering different types of questions, including drop-down answers, multiple choice, written answers and drawing our answers . Our favourite question was where we had to draw our favourite food.



RRB in the Computer Science Lab


We enjoy our weekly visits to the computer science lab and we are learning how to develop our mouse skills.




Do you like these images we created on mini mash?


E-Safety with the Digital Leaders

Thank you to our wonderful digital leaders for staying after school during parents' evening to promote E-Safety. You did a great job distributing leaflets and chatting to families about how we teach E-safety in school and how they can ensure children are being safe online at home.