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Year 2 trip

We had a fantastic day today visiting The Dream and the Philharmonic in Liverpool.

We sketched The Dream in our Art Journals.

At the Philharmonic we watched and listened to an amazing concert with the Royal Philharmonic orchestra and CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell. Cerrie told a story called 'Fairy Magic' and the orchestra provided beautiful music to make the story come alive.

The children were captivated by the magical atmosphere and their behaviour, as always, was a credit to the school.

Well done year 2, I hope you enjoyed our day out.

Artist study – Turner

We have begun our Art topic about British artist JMW Turner. We looked at some of his works and talked about how he showed movement in his seascapes.

We used oil pastels to create a stormy sea effect for our title pages.




St Helens art work

As part of our themed week, we have looked at the work of the artist Chagall. We looked at some of his paintings and discussed how we could recreate these to suit our theme of St Helens.



Tudor Assembly

Well done on a superb assembly year 4! You showed how much you enjoyed learning about the Tudors through song, dance, art, English and DT.



Art day in 2CB

We spent all day doing art yesterday!

Our topic was Sculpture so we looked at images of famous sculptures and sketched one of the 'Iron Men' from Crosby beach.

We made human sculptures!


We then practised different techniques ready to make our own paper sculptures.

Look how well they turned out!