Star of the Week 21/04/2017

 Star of the Week 21/04/2017
Reception  RES Alaina Kelliher
Year 1  1JT Zac Cannon
Year 2  2CB Alisha Lane
Year 3 3DB Philip Briscoe
Year 4  4AMc Katelyn Ribgy 
Year 5 5JH Casey Richardson
Year 6 6LN Abbie Stanley

Well done to the following children who have been awarded a certificate this week:
Josh Harrison, Poppy Summers, Cayden Griffin, Jack Evans, Tilly Mae Hurst, Daniel Stanley, Olivia Jones, Emily Allcock, Tira Colville, Lewis Donoghue, Nathan Jones, Elisha Lane, Jenny Tune, Thomas Stanley, Katie Roberts, Michael Parr, Jordan Brady, Laila Oakes, Jessica Melville, Ryan Melville, Reece Archer, Abbie Smith, Caitlin Hudson, Jacob Cunningham, Emillie Godding, George Riley, Jordan Brady, Jessica Littler, Ellie Poole, Faith Chesworth, Emily McEvoy, Jesse James Whittaker, James Brookfield, Frankie Killen Preece, Olivia Hughes, Bethany Carr. 


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