Star of the Week 23/09/2016

 Star of the Week 
Reception  RRB Ronnie Mills
Year 1 1LW Harry Wright
Year 2 2GY Skye Marlett
Year 3 3JW Isabelle Geraghty
Year 4 4PW Olivia Dowling
Year 5 5EB Nathan Clarke
Year 6 6KOB Ewan Taylor
Well done to the following children who have been awarded a certificate this week: 
Kiera Betty, Callum Hudson, Warren Jones, Lily Rose Smith, Alfie Kearns, Emily McEvoy, Ashanti Williams, Kurtis Parr, Mia Pinder, 
Jonas Mower, Olivia Dowling, Adam Dooley, Grace Campbell, Matthew Robinson, Jasmine Roscoe, Daisy Scott, Mia Sutton, Aden Kay, 
Ebony Corlett, Connor Cutts, Mohammed Shokh., Gracie Dunn, Mark Chatten, Leeanne McCarthy, Isabella Richardson, Aidan Mahon, 
Maddison Courtney, Dylan Lowry, Dylan Parr, Lee Molyneux, Jessica Melville, Josh Dunn, Nathon Clarke, Callum Dowie.

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