Star of the Week 10/02/2017

 Star of the Week 
Reception  RRB Layla Matthews 
Year 1 1LW Olivia Telford 
Year 2 2GY Aksheka Varethes 
Year 3 3JW Macy Littler 
Year 4 4PW Logan Thomason
Year 5 5EB Megan Lye 
Year 6 6KOB Lleyton Smith

 Well done to the following children who have been awarded a certificate this week:
Jack Hart, Nicole Wakefield, Isabelle Geraghty, Lucas Bradbury, Emelia Mullen, Taylor Russell, Skye McDonald, Sienna McGilvray, Callum Greenall, Jamie Hayes, Daniel Cunningham, Jessica Melville, Laila Oakes, Paige Bennison, Ben Daly, Joseph Briers, Rhys Mower-Campbell, Alex Price, Jack Lyon, Reece Vaughton, Jessica Littler, Charlie Woodward, Lleyton Smith, Lily Rose Smith, Jacob Cunningham, Summer Topping, Lewis Mullen, Riley Lane, Holly Jackson, Ollie Colvacceshia,  Olivia Brennan, Abbie Smith, Alfie Ormrod, Skye Jones, Connor Cutts, Libby Doyle, Jayden King, Alfie Slevin.

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