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Well done to the following children who have been chosen as class Star of the Week for excellent work!

Reception RRB Tia Marsh
Year 1 1LW Daniel Brown
Year 2 2GY Logan Hopper 
Year 3 3JW Olivia Brennan
Year 4 4PW Josh Jones
Year 5 5EB Sophie Hughes
Year 6 6KOB Grace Kelly 

The following children have been awarded a certificate this week. Well done!

Jack Moorcroft, Lucy Dixon, Jenny Tune ,Brooke Tandeano ,Emily Rigby, Melissa Geritas, Lewis Pilling, Grace Ann Cartwright, Isabelle Speed,
Barbara Laszlo, Daniel Ainscow, Grace Bradshaw, Daisy Adam, Harry Wright, Holly Macmillan, Jack Stewart.