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Well done to the following children who have been chosen as Star of the Week!
We are celebrating their fantastic work which will be displayed in school.

Reception RAF Haresh Natkeeran
Year 1 1ES Mason McCabe
Year 2 2JT Maddie Richardson
Year 3 3GM Charlie Cookson Cliffe and Aiden Kay
Year 4 4FL Walter Rusu
Year 5 5NJ Jack Nicholson
Year 6 6SP Mia PinderĀ 

Well done to the following children who have been awarded a certificate this week:

Malaki Price, Violet Parry, Valentina Case, Liam Bennison, Jess Brownbill, Lexi Whittaker, Charlotte O’Neill, Dominic Middlehurst, Jessica Godbold, Joe Wynn, Dylan Whittaker, Alfie Mawdesley, Megan Woodward, Logan Kelly, Riley Strange, Poppy Summers, Mia Woods, Logan Donoghue, Mya Cowley, Ruby Dowling, Annabel Bloor, Keira Foster, Adam Spencer, Jonas Mower, Emily Lyon ,Harry Dooley, Mackenzie Bryant Taylor, Grace Parr, James Brookfield, Sachin Solis, Ruby southcote, Sophie Taylor, Jack Slevin, Samuel Chu, Jordan Brady, Alphie Parr, Mia Ellison, Sean Mason