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Well done to the following children who have been chosen as Star of the Week!
We are celebrating their fantastic work which will be displayed in school.
Reception RAF James Lyon
Year 1 1SJ Jess Brownbill
Year 2 2KY Cayden Griffin 
Year 6 6LN Logan Thomason

Well done to the following children who have been awarded a certificate this week:

Thanus Kannadasan, Jakob Rigby, Bethany Jones, Lydia Hewitt, Hope Slater, Haresh Natkeeran, Khan Rose Reynolds, Erin Reilly, Robbie Rusu, Joseph Twigg, Cayden Griffin, Ruby-Lynn Seekings, Archie Metcalfe, All of Nurture Class, Amelia McLaughlin, Ella Harrison, James Ford, Liam Millea, Sophia Sanderson Greenwood, Reece Heston Roberts, Leon Starkey, Zac Cannon, David Gyori, Katie Webster, Sam Chang, Isabelle costello, Jack Anders-Holden, Lucas Mawdsley, Jamie Sutton, Isabelle Campbell, Emily Brown, Logan Kelly, George Evans, Georgia woodward, Jessica Haslam, Ruby Southcote, Megan Harrison, Aiden Johnson, Sam Douglas, Dylan Lowry, Luke Knight, Mikey Molyneux, Rhys Mower Campbell, Issac Porter.