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Well done to the following children who have been chosen as Star of the Week!
We are celebrating their fantastic work which will be displayed in school.
Reception RLM Jamine Wilson
Year 1 1RB Bobby McIntyre
Year 2 2JF Braydon Grounds 
Year 3 3LM
Year 4 4JH Rhys Mower Campbell
Year 5 5DB
Year 6 6LN Alicia Pickles

Well done to the following children who have been awarded a certificate this week:
Mia Adegebenro, Amelia Adegbenro, Jessica Clarke, Alfie Courtney, Ruby Lowe, Bobby Francis, Richard Tune, Riley Bromilow, Libby Unsworth, Joshua Barlow, Luca Johnson, Ged Hart, Libby Unsworth, Ethan Boardman, Oliver Harrison, Riley Highcock, Olive Harrison, Alfie Mullen, Ted Bowes, Albie Summers, Maria Melonek, Lewis Unsworth, Kiera Leigh Donohue, Zak Mawdsley, Tyler Preston, Jessica Holmes, Harry Holme, Jacob Cook, Tiana Pennington Forshaw, Sashmika Varathes, Caitlyn Spark, Millie Stanley, Isabella Parry, Sam Chang, Zac Cannon, Alfie McMahon, Rebecca Hill, Antione Price, Annabel Bloor