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Science Showcase

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A visit to Manchester Museum of Science & Industry

“On Saturday, we went to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry where we enjoyed some of the hands-on activities.

On the top photo he is trying to shake hands with his reflection – it looks as though his hand is coming out of the curved dome back at him, but of course it isn’t!

On the second picture, he is wearing ‘beer goggles’ which make it very difficult to walk in a straight line… he had to follow the trail on the floor and apart from a couple of small wobbles, he did really well!!”

This looks like a fun and educational place to visit!


Investigating with water

Wow! One of our reception pupils has been learning about the water cycle! Very impressive!

“We learned about transformation of water when we change the temperature. He understood how the water cycle happens. We filled water and put it in the fridge to cool, made the water turn to ice by freezing it and then heating heated it to transfer into steam. When the steam cooled, he saw water droplets on a lid.”


Magic Tree

“We made a magic tree. What you need is: a Petri dish, felt tip pens, two cardboard trees and ammonium dihydrogen orthophosphate. First we coloured the cardboard with the felt tip pens.Then we had to cut a slit in the middle of the cardboard and slotted them together. Next, we had to bend the branches in different ways. After waiting 24 hours, we saw snow/leaves on the branches!”

Another fantastic homework project!



Play Doh

Wow! A great example of science at home:
“We made play doh out of salt, flour, water, vegetable oil, a tiny drop of baby oil and food colouring (which is optional). We mixed the ingredients in a bowl and when we thought it was ready we kneaded the dough and made a bowl shape. We then added and added the food colouring to make it more fun to play with!”


Science Activities at home!

Parents can now send us photographs of children taking part in Science activities at home.
Go to the school app and click on the ‘science projects’ link and the password is ‘experiment’.
You can then type in your child’s name and upload 2 photographs at a time with a description. 

We look forward to seeing photos of the science experiments in action!


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