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Commitment to Extra curricular club and Tournaments

Over the years the extra-curricular clubs have been very popular and therefore, in many cases over subscribed, resulting in names being drawn out. As we know most clubs could be oversubscribed, we do ask that you are sure children definitely want to attend a certain club and that they commit to attending each week, unless he/she is sick or has medical appointment, for example. We appreciate emergencies happen and sometimes your child is unable to attend and in these cases many parents will kindly leave a message for the club organiser via the school office.

Recently, we have had a considerable high number of children deciding themselves that they do not wish to attend a session and parents asking to check if their child is happy to stay or would prefer to come home at normal time. Unfortunately, this does have a big implication on the clubs as some clubs have found they do not have enough children to actually play a game/tournament etc. or they have wasted time looking for a child at the beginning of the session, due to not being informed the child is not attending. It is very disappointing when there were a number of children really wanting a place and had been unsuccessful. Due to the amount of paperwork/clubs and nature of some clubs who have already been training or have started a project, it is not possible to keep offering places out during the term.

We have also been taking part in a number of tournaments and competition between local schools during the day. Children are invited and permission is sought from parents. Again, we have experienced a number of children deciding they do not want to attend the tournament. Fortunately some children have very kindly volunteered to step in at the last minute and consequently we have managed to put a team together.

We do appreciate emergencies can happen and there are exceptional circumstances when a child is no longer unable to take part in something, but we would be grateful if you could please reiterate to children that before they agree to commit, that they must be sure and that they understand the implications on their peers if they ‘drop out’.
Thank you very much

Reading Token Winners W/E 9th February 2018

Well done to everyone who read at home last week. Keep up the good work.
Here are the classes that collected the most reading tokens.
FS / Key Stage 1 winners Class 1AF with 31 tokens
Key Stage 2 winners Class 3FLB with 33 tokens


Class Chart Winners W/E 9th February 2018

The following children scored the most class chart points for their class last week. Well done everyone.
The overall highest point scorer was James Walkden in Class 2JT!

Star of the Week W/E 9th February 2018

Well done to the following children who have been chosen as Star of the Week!
We are celebrating their fantastic work which will be displayed in school.

Reception RSJ Logan Fairclough
Year 1 1AF Tianna Pennington Forshaw
Year 2 2JT Mya Cowley
Year 3 3FLB Lucas Molyneux
Year 4 4VM Awaiting name
Year 5 5NJ Awaiting name
Year 6 6SP Barbara Laszlo 

Well done to the following children who have been awarded a certificate this week:

Dominic Parry, Abbie Duberry, McKenzie Fitzhenry, Eve Gannon, Mollie Doyle, Callum Taylor, Oliver Godding, Jack Porter, Barbara Laszlo, Shannon Flannery, Jayden Treston, Izabelle Birch, Walter Rusu, Kosy Mwanya, Logan Roby, Preslava Dimitrova, Joshua Hughes, Joseph Lee, Sashmika Varathes, Ryan, Rhea Smith, Alfie Hards, Jackson Storey, Layla Judge, Lucas Duckworth, Eleanor Shaw, Jaiden Clough-Spurgeon, Dylan Williams.

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