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Exploring Pattern in RRB

This week in Maths, we are exploring repeated pattern. The children have been busy creating some patterns of their own using the unifix cubes.

We have been exploring pattern using colour and shape.


Perhaps you can make some patterns at home using different shapes and colours. You could take a photo of the pattern you have made and bring it into school for your file.


History Week in RRB

We had a fantastic time during History Week and especially enjoyed dressing up as historical characters.

The children made such an effort with their costumes and looked amazing.


We had everything from Vikings to evacuees to scullery maids and chimney sweeps.

There were even a couple of Cleopatra look alikes as well as knights and court jesters.



In Reception, we learned about our own history and looked at photos of how we have changed from being a baby to all the things the children can do now they are four.


Maths in RRB

We enjoy learning about maths in RRB.

We like counting real objects, such as, these conkers and representing numbers in lots of different ways.

We like representing quantities in lots of different ways and arranging objects in regular patterns.


Owls and Autumn in RRB

This week, we have been learning all about Owls.

We have looked at non-fiction books and have learned that owls, like to hunt for prey at night and that baby owls are called owlets.


We have enjoyed looking at conkers, chestnuts and pine cones under a magnifying glass.

We talked about how things look and feel. The chestnuts are in a very prickly shell and we had to handle it carefully.

Next week, we will be learning about vegetables and reading a book called Oliver's Vegetables.


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