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Rugby superstar

We are always pleased when our children share their interests outside of school – well done – keep it up!



Sports stars in RRB

We were all eager to take part in some sports activities today.

We tried our best at running and jumping over hurdles. We practised star jumps and throwing the javelin.

Some of the javelin throws were really impressive! I will have to start practising. Well done children.


Maths Day

We had lots of fun practising lots of different maths skills for Maths Day!

The children practised finding number bonds to 10, doubling, subtracting, adding, making patterns, telling the time and lots of different number and counting tasks outdoors!


Royal Wedding Celebrations!

This week we have learned all about the Royal Family and who is getting and married and where.

Today we have been celebrating the Royal Wedding!







Royal Wedding lunch

Today we have been celebrating the Royal Wedding. We had lunch outside and watched our own school version of the wedding. Then we had some dancing with some African Drummers and Singers. It was a really fun day.






Parent Workshop

Last week we had our Summer Parent Workshop. Thank you to all the parents and other grown ups who came to work with your children. We had a lot of fun making sun catchers, ice lollies and packing for our holidays.




We Love Maths in RRB

Today is National Numeracy Day and in RRB we enjoy learning about numbers, shapes and all things mathematical.

We like problem solving and finding out the answer.

We have enjoyed learning about capacity, doubling and halving, time and money.

The National numeracy website has some excellent ideas to help you support your child with maths and help them become numerate for life.


Summer parent workshop

Thank you to all the parents who attended our workshop – the children loved sharing it all with you. We had lots of fun making all our summer creations.


Parent Workshop in RRB

We had a brilliant time at our Parents Workshop today. It was great to see so many parents come along, so thank you to everyone who was able to come along today.

There were plenty of smiles going round to brighten up the dullest Wednesday afternoon.


We learned a little bit about being safe in the sun and how important it is to wear sun cream and keep hydrated by drinking water and sugar free drinks.

We designed our own ice lolly and made a beautiful sun catcher to put on our window at home.


I don't know where the time went and before we knew it, it was time to tidy up and go home. Thanks again to all those parents who came along, a lot of fun was had by all.


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