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RE Week – 11th Dec – 15th Dec

Next week we will be welcoming lots of visitors in to school to take part in our RE week.

The visitors include:

A representative from the Jewish Community, Muslim Community, Methodist Church, Christian Life Center, Jehovah Witness, Salvation Army and more.  There will also be a number of staff and children talking about their own faith and what it means to them.   Rev Dozie Moneme from St John’s Church will be coming in to speak to the children during the rest of this term and will oversee the end of year carol concert at St John’s church on the last day of term.

We are all very much looking forward to learning all about the different faiths and the similarities between them.  Children will be looking at the key religious symbols and as part of the artwork they will be producing, they will choose a design based on:  festivals, friendship, belonging, worship and prayer.

Each day children will be answering a big question like “What makes my world so wonderful?” or ‘Why am I so precious?”.

In addition, Key Stage 2 children will study an inspirational figure, whose faith has helped change the world i.e. Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, George Cadbury.

If children have any religious artifacts or books they would like to share with their class, please bring them in but please do not bring in anything of value in case of loss or damage.

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