The curriculum at Thatto Heath Primary School has been developed to deliver the expectations of the new National Curriculum from September 2014. We have updated our schemes of work to reflect the content and challenge of the new curriculum, as well as ensuring that the needs of all learners have been thoughtfully considered and catered for.
Our aim is to provide a curriculum which is meaningful, creative and inspiring and which instills a lifelong passion for learning. We also strive to provide children with experiences and opportunities which will prepare them for the next phase in their learning journey.

For the majority of subjects, our curriculum has been designed with a thematic approach as we believe a greater depth of learning takes place when children can make links between new concepts. Within each theme, suggested outcomes provide children with a purpose and audience to showcase their learning. These opportunities allow children to develop oracy through performing, for example in a persuasive speech, playscript or assembly. We also encourage the use of technology to produce a finished product, such as radio adverts, blogs and animations.

At Thatto Heath Community Primary School, we appreciate that reading and writing are the foundations upon which all future learning is based. We place equal value upon reading and writing for pleasure and provide a rich and literate environment for all pupils to experience and enjoy a variety of literary styles. We want to enable our pupils to approach all types of reading materials confidently and critically, to be able to exert personal preferences in their own choice of reading materials. It is important that children can employ a secure knowledge of writing styles and genres in their own writing for effective and imaginative expression.

Busy Ant MathsIn mathematics, we use the Collins Busy Ants Maths Scheme as a basis for teaching from Year 1 through to Year 6. The school’s long term, medium and short term planning is based on this scheme. Mathematics teaching across all year groups is therefore broken down into 12 units including; number, geometry, algebra, measurement, ratio and proportion and statistics. We also combine resources from a range of maths hubs and Nrich to teach reasoning and problem solving skills across.

Children’s work and achievement within the curriculum will be celebrated and displayed to enable it to make a significant impact on the visual appearance of the school and to contribute positively to its ethos. The exciting curriculum that we provide will help children to understand who they are and where they live. It will help them learn about their community, the nation and the world in which they live. It will deepen their cultural awareness and increase their understanding of history, time and place. They will develop a love and loyalty to their Queen and Country and develop a respect for and an understanding of different cultures and beliefs. They will learn about issues facing the world and the importance of caring for their environment.

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