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Fun in the sun;





Today we enjoyed playing in our paddling pools and filling & emptying containers.

Summer fun





Today in nursery we have been having great fun playing in the pools & with water.We have washed cars,paddled,filled & emptied buckets,watering cans& bowls.We have also used paintbrushes to mark make.We have a really fun time.

Under the sea.

This week in nursery we have been learning about creatures that live under the sea.We have read the Rainbow fish. & The fidgety fish.Made our own Rainbow fish & created some under the sea pictures mixing shades of blue & green to reprsent the sea.



Wedding picnic

This week we have been learning all about weddings in preparation for the Royal weddingcelebrations.Today we made rosettes & had our picnic.We enjoyed eating the cakes we made.




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