There will be a uniform check next week in school.  Can you please ensure children are wearing the correct uniform including correct footwear.  Please be mindful that shoes must be plain black and suitable for school.  Please see below for clarification on uniform, jewellery and hair accessories.  There have been a couple of near misses involving sharp fashion clips in girls hair, these could cause quite a painful injury.



BOYS                                                                           GIRLS

  • Grey Trousers                                                    Grey tunic/grey skirt/grey school trousers
  • Sky blue polo shirt                                            Sky blue polo shirt
  • Navy round neck jumper/sweatshirt            Navy round neck jumper/cardigan/sweatshirt
  • with school emblem                                          with school emblem
  • Grey socks (plain)                                              Grey or white socks/tights (plain not patterned)
  • Black shoes                                                          Black shoes

Boots and trainers are not allowed – trainers can only be worn during outside p.e.

P.E KITS – Boys & Girls

  • Black shorts, House coloured p.e. top (t-shirt not polo shirt)
  • Black pumps.  Trainers can be worn for outdoor p.e. lessons
  • Track suit for outdoor in winter and afterschool clubs


  • No jewellery is allowed, except for a watch.
  • No Earrings allowed in school.  These must be removed before school
  • No nail varnish or false nails.
  • No wrist bands
  • No large bows in hair or sharp fashion clips


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