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If you would like your child to attend Afterschool Child Care he or she must be registered. This can be done via the website/App or alternatively you can collect a form from the school office. Afterschool child care club can be used in an emergency but as we must have a registration form, please take time over the next week to register and you will not have to worry should you unfortunately have an emergency.

This week we have launched a new menu which includes some lovely home-made recipes. There will be opportunities for children to make their own snacks and there will be alternatives available should children not like the choice on offer. Milk, fruit and vegetables will also be available for children to snack on throughout the session.

After School Refreshments
DAY                WEEK 1                       WEEK 2
Monday          Beans on toast           Spaghetti on toast
Tuesday          Hot dogs                     Make your own wraps
Wednesday    Noodles                       Pasta and sauce
Thursday        Home-made pizza    Home-made soup
Friday             Scotch pancakes        Crumpets
Alternative     Cheese on toast         Cheese and crackers

Unfortunately, children will not be allowed to eat any leftovers from their packed lunch in Afterschool Club, packed lunch boxes will be kept safe for children to take home to their parents. This ensures parents are aware of what their child has eaten during the day and ensures children will eat the hot snack parents have paid for. Also bringing in food to the club has implications for other children with food intolerances and allergies and as you can appreciate some foods may deteriorate during the afternoon and would not be fit to consume anyway.

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