Each week those children who have 100% attendance for the week go into a draw and a winner from each class can choose a prize out of the lucky dip box.    Last week’s winners were:

Lilly Holme, Olivia Jones, Gracie Lamb, Lola Fitzhenry, Evelyn Godbold, Harry Holme, Melissa Geritas, Riley Lane, Callum Cutts, Oliver Godding, Ryan Hughes, Abbie Duberry, Grace Gore, Shanice Desgranges, Sophie Hughes, Cody Jones, Paige Greenall, Barbara Lazlo, Samantha Horwood, Abbie Kearns and Joseph Hughes

To find out future winners check the Attendance section of the website.

We will also be producing a list of class attendances for the week and will announce the winning class each week.

NAM 77.1% 4VM 93.7%
NPM 88.5% 4PW 97.1%
Preschool AM 89.4% 4AMC 95.3%
Preschool PM 91.3% 5EB 99.1%
RRB 83% 5JH 91.4%
RLM 93.3% 6KOB 94.2%
RES 84.1% 6LN 92.3%
1AF 96.1% 6SP 93.1
1JT 92.3%
1LW 95.2%
2CB 92%
2GY 93.5%
2KY 96.3%
3FLB 98.2%
3JW 90.4%
3DB 94.8%

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