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Thank you for your patience and perseverance this week while we organised the new lining up procedures on the playground.  We have changed the class lines around in order to bring the younger children nearer to the school building.  The children will be lining up at these points during the day for  break times, dinner times and fire drills, therefore as the weeks go by children will be more accustomed to their new positioning.

I would  be very grateful if parents can stand well back so staff and children can see parents clearly.  Also, if you could keep moving along once you have collected your child to avoid the exits becoming jammed, this would be greatly appreciated. Please do not call your child to you as they come out of the school building, as the children are told they must not exit their line or run straight to waiting parents, until their teacher has dismissed them and is aware of who is collecting.

If you need to speak to your child’s class teacher at the end of the day please wait until all his/her class children have been collected before approaching.

You can download a map of the lining up system below.